July 5, 2012

Bagels that are Worth the Calories

om nom notes rating: 5 stars

Ever since I found out that bagels are easily 300-400 calories for a bagel itself, I generally stopped eating bagels. However, I recently discovered House of Bagels in San Carlos. These traditional New York style bagels are amazing and I have to use my utmost control to limit my intake to only 1 bagel per week. These bagels are worth it.

House of Bagels is a franchise in the SF Bay area, but every store controls their own menu. What is consistent is how they make their bagels. Made fresh daily, HOB bagels are boiled first, and then baked on brick. This creates the soft, moist but chewy interior, and a tougher, flavorful crust exterior - just the way a bagel should be. The right texture for both the inside and outside of these bagels is what makes the difference. Note: these bagels aren't as large as Panera or Noah's/Einstein Bro's, but more than make up for it in taste and quality.

While I can easily eat any of these bagels on their own, they taste even better with HOB's large selection of schmears (in between normal and whipped and usually available in lite) or bagel sandwiches (available with your preferred bagel). My favorite bagel go-tos are either egg or jalapeno which I get with lite cream cheese on the side. Or, if I'm feeling particularly indulgent, I go for the "Hamlet" bagel omelet (#3) on jalapeno. Ham, fluffy egg, and american cheese on a bagel with a little bit of kick, it's the best way to start a weekend.

This family owned franchise store cranks out an amazing number of orders every day (including perfecting a method to cook the egg exactly as needed for the bagel breakfast sandwiches!). They're incredibly efficient to help meet the needs of the customers who just want to stop in, pick up, and get on with their day. Don't take this efficiency as poor service please. They work hard and are totally pleasant if you are!

Tip: They only make specific quantities of bagels each day and will close early (before 2pm) if they totally run out! I usually go around 10am on a weekend and have all my choices still. 

See more pictures at http://on.fb.me/PlX3r5

Hamlet Bagel Omelet - $3.85
Hamlet Bagel Sandwich from House of Bagels
Hamlet: jalapeno bagel, ham, egg & cheese
Bagel Varieties - $0.95/each or $9.25/dozen, Premium $1.10/each
Bagels & Premium Bagels from House of Bagels
Bagels: chocolate chip, cranberry, cinnamon raisin, blueberry, garlic, egg, jalapeno, sourdough, pumpernickel, whole wheat, sun dried tomato, salt, rye, onion, all in one, poppy, sesame, plain
Premium Bagels: cinnamon sugar, cheddar & jack cheese, jalapeno cheddar & jack, asiago

House of Bagels - San Carlos

4.5 star rating
60 yelp reviews as of 7/5/12


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