June 8, 2012

NY Chicken and Rice (+Lamb) - Different But DELICIOUS

om nom notes rating for Sammy's Halal Cart: 5 stars

If you've never had chicken and rice from a food cart/stall/truck/stand in New York, you are missing out. While Sammy's Halal is not the same as the famed chicken and rice from The Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th, it IS OM NOM NOM AMAZING and a much closer option if you're in the SoHo/Lower West Side area. It is different though and there's almost more of an Indian twist to these platters. Treat it as such and you won't be disappointed.

Biggest differences between Sammy's and The Halal Guys are noted below:

  • $5 for an order vs. $6 (53rd and 6th) - It is a touch smaller of an order
  • Rice is brown vs yellow and has a stronger cinnamon flavor vs. turmeric, plus it seems to be of a longer grain
  • Chicken is cooked with onions and peppers and is less 'shredded'
  • Lamb is more like cubed gyro meat - Note: I do like the Halal Guy's lamb better as it has more crispy bits
  • You can add chickpeas at no extra cost - these are a little bit spicy and very well spiced.
  • In addition to white sauce and red sauce, there is a green sauce available
  • There is only 1 Sammy's cart
If you've never had chicken and rice from a food stand, you must do so immediately even if it's from a random stand - it is always delicious. Sammy's and The Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th just bring it to the next level. 

Chicken + Lamb and Rice Combo - $5.00

Chicken and Rice from Sammy's Halal
Chicken + Lamb (Gyro) and Rice Combo: chicken, lamb cubes, rice, lettuce, white sauce, red sauce (harissa based), green sauce (cilantro based), and chickpeas

Chicken and Rice Food Stand in New York
Sammy's Halal Food Truck: on the NE corner of 6th avenue and W. 4th street on the west side of Washington Square Park. get off at the christopher st. - sheridan sq stop if you're taking the 1 train, or at the W. 4th street stop if you're taking the A, B, D, E, F, or M trains. It is right in front of the Chase Bank at 340 6th avenue, New York NY.

Chicken Platter $5.00, Gyro Platter $5.00
Sammy's Halal Menu: chickpeas and green sauce can be added at no extra charge if you ask for them. note - they only charged me $5 for a platter when i asked for half chicken/half gyro.

4.0 star rating
52 Yelp reviews as of 5/8/12

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