May 20, 2012

The Best Iced (But Not Iced) Coffee - Chilled Cold-Brewed Coffee

om nom notes rating for Chilled Cold-Brewed Coffee: 5 stars

One of my favorite places for coffee in Palo Alto, no wait - the Bay Area, no wait - in California, i mean - ever in the world exists inside a small running store called Zombie Runner (no joke!) on California Avenue in Palo Alto, California.

Always consistent, and always phenomenal - each cup from "Cafe Zombie" is made with care and exactly how they want to make it (don't even try to customize beyond the options that they give you). While I love the lattes and the freshly roasted Zombie Runner beans ($12.95/lb), this post will feature the Chilled Cold-Brewed Coffee.

They don't serve the watery iced coffee so don't bother asking for it. They do however have something 800+ times better: their only cold drink (but with no ice), the signature Chilled Cold-Brewed Coffee for $3. While you do have the option to get it mixed with caramel, chocolate or vanilla, why would you want to ruin such a delicious cup?

And how is this chilled cold-brewed coffee made? Apparently they brew one of their ZombieRunner coffees for 24 hours at room temperature, then they double filter the coffee, then chill it, then mix it with your choice of cold 2% or whole milk, and serve with no ice.

Trust me - you'll want to try it. There is almost always a line at Zombie Runner - but it's because they care enough to make each cup perfect. It's totally worth it.

Tip: Load up a Zombie Runner card. You may think it's not worth the trouble, but believe me - 10 drinks here comes by quicker than you think. At $4 a latte and $3 a cold coffee, i'll take any free drink :)

Chilled Cold Brewed Coffee - $3.00
Iced Coffee without Ice from Zombie Runner
Chilled Cold Brewed Coffee: coffee, 2% milk and that's it!

Cafe Zombie (inside Zombie Runner) Drink Menu
Zombie Runner's Cafe Zombie Drink Menu - Don't try to order anything that's not on here!

4.5 star rating
133 Yelp reviews as of 5/20/12 (Note: Some of these reviews are irrelevant as they are for the actual running store)

(650) 325-2048

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